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Update:August 24th 2020

Well..the story from the last update is that she had made some promises to cut back, it looked good like she was getting better after a week or so then out of nowhere she started going into these dream spells..glassy eyed, slow slurred speech, slow motion actions, constant itching, night i came while she was siting in bed watching tv and she was in all slumped over and her Cheetos was all over the half way off the plate and on the bed like it never made it to her mouth.. i though she done had a stroke or something..she came to like nothing happened..and it was funny to her..and i asked her what the hell is she on? if shes been cutting back like she said..and every time she goes into these spells ..she comes up with im tired..or i didnt take anything..just who is she after several back to back incident like this i decided to follow her around to see if she had been doing something out of her sayen of what she was doing..sure enough ..i found her extra stash, a bottle of extra opiate pills in a box in the closet and called her on it..all i can say is her melt down from that is still in play as i type this. she agreed to let me hand her the pills when she is suppose to take them..and that put me in the worst place..i go through psychological attacks as well as spiritual breakdowns..i cant find any peace or sleep good..i already got kicked out to the garage and she took her pills back and then i was trying to find a ride to leave she took the phone and the car keys so i was stuck in the garage..hours went by and she came out to stop me from leaving and said sorry and handed me the pill bottle...i seen the pills were half empty and asked her if she took some out..and to my surprise she went inside walked to a cup in the kitchen and poured into her hand from the cup a hand full of I am now a week into doing this again..handing her her pills at the proper times and waiting for her to make the effort to tapper off like she agreed to. I dont have much hope in this going to end well at this point and have no place to go after this blows up like its still looking and its just hard.