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June 15th 2021

hey guys, update, shes stopped doing what ever she was doing..shes been ok for about 5 days now.
I showed her my blog here, she read it and somehow it got her to think about changing. I dont know for sure if this is going to work long term, but this blog is a copy of one i keep on my website, and that one is offline at the moment, it was live as a link to share..but then after her reading it I disabled it..but anyway, that one on my website has a video i put together of the various times i did get a chance to film her during her spells. I posted it for proof that im not crazy and all this isnt made up..its not on this blog here cause it doesn't link from my site to this page for some reason. Anyway..
She ok today. one day at a time..walking through it.