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June 23 2021

And it starts again with secret meetings and textings along with the usual head games ..any minute now shes going to show the usual symptoms of being loaded.
waiting for it ..

Ok here is the day after, and I have a story to tell oh my. its not a good idea to say the details online like this, being that it involves a situation that is pretty out there and bares a whole lot of real bad 'stuff' ..I can say this candidly ..she went out of her way and pulled a run around that took me and some unsuspecting others for a ride.. she got her pills..and man did she lie to get them....but it all came to light and she got found out.  Over all the trouble she got into for it ..she in the end got her way..she didnt get away from being found out...but got what she wanted from it all.  all i gotta say shes knows shes wrong, and she putting on a show to act like it the last time shes ever going to do that. ..basically shes going to tighten up her act so she doesn't get caught next time.
you know in hind sight it looks as though she put me and these others through the headache and lies to punish us for seeing the bad in what she was doing...
sigh, yea, what else can she do if shes living a lie..anyone around tryen to live right gets in her way. I guess the same can be said in reverse. ..polarity's and sparks oh my.

here is something I found on youtube that shows the same thing that im seeing happening to her, happening out in the world.

very sad.