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"In A Heartbeat" Silent Company's Latest, Most Poignant ReleaseIn A Heartbeat

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, CA (October 1, 2015) - Silent Company has released it's latest, and possible most poignant track to date, "In A Heartbeat". The song details the fact that many of us don't really consider how quickly our lives can change. A lost paycheck, bad news from the doctor, a 3:00 a.m. phone call from the police...a war in one's own backyard. Things that we have no say in. Such is the situation all over the world, every single day, for thousands. They find themselves the victims of circumstances beyond their control. How do you cope? Where do you go? Who do you ask for help, when the rest of the world is either ignoring your pleas, or is oblivious to the real need for help.

"In A Heartbeat" started out speaking to one issue, the latest influx of refugees to Europe from Syria and points beyond, but turned into a hard look at what any of us would do in the same situation. With a jazz-ish overlay to the intro with its accompanying rhythm section, a strong overall performance by the cello and violins, and a musical "breakout" in the second half on the track, the listener is taking a musical journey into the "what if" of life. Bee's haunting lyrics, along with his and Edd's spot on vocal delivery make this song one that stays with you, and, if not leads, then guides the listener into contemplating how we should treat people when they are at their most desperate.

Indeed, belief in our humanity is what will save us, deliver us...all in a heartbeat, if we let it.

For more information on Silent Company, go to Check out the video on Beat100, and around the web.

Stacey Ramirez, Band Management
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