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Silent Company Celebrates Dad with "A Father's Day" Release, Wins Two Beat100 Bronze Awards

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, CA (June 21, 2015) - "A Father's Day", Silent Company's latest track, is a tribute to "Dad". The man that raised us, taught us, chided us, loves us. Silent Company pays tribute to all fathers, and all the roles they play in our lives. Whether they are traditional, or a bit unconventional, it's all the same, what matters is the heart behind the effort. To all of us, our father is the sun and the moon in our lives. Bee's ES-339 takes a break on this track, to let the piano and cello take the lead, backed by bass and a brush drum, with a few special touches. Bee also takes point on the lyrical end, with backups by edd, with a decidedly choral feel to the vocal delivery, and an inspirational, orchestral arrangement. Metaphor plays highly in both the video and the lyrics of the tune, so grab Dad, pour yourselves a cup o'joe, and enjoy...from Silent Company, here's to all the fathers...

This track has also earned Silent Company two awards from Beat100: a Bronze Song A&R Award for a well written original song, and a Bronze Video A&R Award for a well produced video.

For more information on Silent Company, go to Check out the video on Beat100, and around the web.

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