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"Stay Graceful" Silent Company's Latest Release

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, CA (September 1, 2015) - "Stay Graceful", Silent Company's latest release, is a story of the course of one's life has many twists and turns. Learning balance, humility, honor, and a sense of purpose is difficult. Our parent's guide the way, but in the end, it is up to each one of us to see the path, and follow it. This latest track is a musical rendition of what every parent hopes their child will learn, and what every person must incorporate into their own lives. As parents themselves, this track hits close to home for SC's "Dynamic Duo". A more upbeat, driving rhythm is the son's foundation, with Bee's "drummer mentality" on full display in the groove. Bass, percussion, piano, and the ES-339 round out the arrangement. The lyrics and vocals are another duet from Bee and Edd, with the resolve of the theme being that as we each walk life's path, we need to remember to not loose our hope for the future, for what will come, and to stay graceful on the walk. Silent Company has dedicated this song to Bee's daughter Faith, their inspiration for the tune. Enjoy this latest track from Silent Company, and remember to stay grateful and graceful as you move through life.

For more information on Silent Company, go to www.silent-company.com. Check out the video on Beat100, and around the web.

Stacey Ramirez, Band Management
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