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Tuesday, June 18, 2024


Silent Company Releases "Set Me Free"

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, CA (July 28, 2015) - Silent Company's latest release "Set Me Free" is a pointed look at how to "come back" when all around you is shrouded in darkness. Painted as an emotional coming-to-terms between two people, this song could be about a relationship on any scale, and how, in order to set ourselves free, it's necessary to break the cycle. Bee's skill on strings holds the spotlight on this track, along with a comeback by the ES-339, and a very smooth, yet present percussion section. The vocal duet between Bee and Edd highlight the theme, and bring the story home in a most powerful rendition. Definitely a track to inspire contemplation as to what we all need in order to be to be set free.

For more information on Silent Company, go to www.silent-company.com. Check out the video on Beat100, and around the web.

Stacey Ramirez, Band Management
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