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8 years 7 months ago #295 by Learn before you speak

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8 years 7 months ago - 8 years 7 months ago #304 by Silent
thought about it, this is like history lessons from way back...makes one wonder what was the real prime motivation to end the Tower of Babel project, that reason right there..stands to hold why things are to this day able to escalate to the degree where regions and partitions revive into new areas. I know theres a point of passion of belief mingled in with desperation and despair , many on both side share the same concern of validating and belonging..and theres always the rights to the space you walk or live in. the rights to be at peace , short lived as they may be. both sides have the sense of desperation and have to be respected. but in the long run both side will meld into not even showing that there is a side or space to each their own. in that place when all else fails the guns may come to play for the sake of protection..and one side seems more likely to have already lived with that end and will simply feel at home with it while the other side just cant believe the space their in and will be themselves refugees looking for a hand out . Allot already know its inevitable and allot feel like they can escape before this comes around..and loosing whats left of their homes should bring the same rage the other side already feels and lives with on a daily.

Ultimately on the human level this will push crises into the tables of the ones that never knew how to cut it or serve it to their own. and may even feel responsible for letting in the stranger to have this happen.

If you as a father ever had your kid want to invite over to dinner one of his friends ..you say sure you set out one extra plate and when the dinner comes the door bell and its the whole team of friends and your kid is all about not loosing face..you understand you have to put on a new hat and put down the peaceful idea of this is going to be a nice family dinner..its a matter of delegation and leadership..you have to nail down a plan and fast. but see the dinner turns out to be a sleep over and they all move in cause you offered out your best dinner and put out your best hospitality ..now they feel like your the best thing that ever happened..and then a few days later your ass out on your own lawn cause they all partied so hard the night before they burned your house down , and you cant believe that even the neighbors along with your local police came to the party .

Isnt it the Polaroid picture how life is a fucking party one second and the next a tragedy that begs for another drink to just escape the realization of that horror ?

the young and the reckless don't want to be guided cause it shames them to reason. if the world around them is convinced to be desperate and hopeless, will they feel like they stand above it cause they have been the ones who lived in that state of mind the longest? it will be at that place they will be tested to see if they can help the stranger to that circumstance. its going to come back to haunt any people ..anyone. and anyone who is human enough to have any conscience left.
ultimately we all swim in desperation to maintain our peace of mind..
and religion usually is a the bed people find that peace , if they can sleep at peace with killing the hopes of others to find peace for themselves then one who is willing to call you friend and then let you suffer cause you don't bow to east or the west ..?????

bring this back full circle and be the dad at your house and when that door bell rings and you have an army of you kids friends wanting to come in..
Put on your cowboy hat..grab your keys and direct the whole gang of them down to the local pizza pub and pull out a 20 dollor bill toss it in your hat and tell them to pass it around see if you can get people to pitch in ..if it comes back empty and your 20 dollar just vanished, you know its time to grab you kid and go. if it comes back with 50 bucks you order just 50 dollors worth of pizza , your deed is done you can go home in peace and your kid wont loose face.

seriously....if you own a farm and your herd eats grass..you can only keep as many herd heads to equal to the amount of grass that can grow to feed them..
if thats how your farm runs , you cant let your farm be run over by your neighbors cattle for the real reason of survival.
I know in desperate times and all that, my advice..
JUST pass the hat. the world over.
delegate what you can..cause in the end someone has to be left with some sense.

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8 years 7 months ago - 8 years 7 months ago #305 by Silent
I don't know..but in my mind if someone gave me a square patch of grass to reside in..An i had nothing better to do with my time but to live there ..I would be turning it into a garden , id take care of it and not trash it, Id be looking to ways to better it .knowing how id think id grow a tree and then build a tree house from the wood it provides and dig me a well etc..imparting value and cultivating value to the little one has can turn things around for the better..it takes an eye and and an ear to see it or hear it..but allot of hope can come from one tiny seed of hope..just cause its one seed? YEA!..its going to take time and allot of effort to get it to deliver ..but it IS a reality that can happen, stay grateful , keep graceful.
the work force doesn't have to be paid to do whats right ..if whats right cant be seen, then it needs to be cultivated. my advice is to delegate teams of garbage boys and sweepers to painters to builders ..trade with the heads to get better tools after you show your motivation to walk a path of cultivation and respect. you don't harm your patch of grass and grow yourself a nice garden..you then can't be looked at as a waste..theirs no argument, your actions now paint your future..if you find no future in the seed in your hand and you toss it..then you have none. and the next time you ask for hope..you'll have to pay for the one you tossed away first. and one with as little time as we have on this earth..lets just say by the time you payed your dues and come around to reaping your harvest ..your time is up and your table will have to be given to one who takes on a cultivating attitude without an attitude.

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8 years 7 months ago - 8 years 7 months ago #306 by Silent
Heal your environment
Heal your soul

cause in the end..the path to peace is under all that garbage you left behind.

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8 years 7 months ago - 8 years 7 months ago #319 by Silent
The humanity
gotta keep the focus on what matters

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silent - Thu 10 2021 - 12:58

pray and read your Bible - enough to align your soul to it. impressions will follow

silent - Thu 10 2021 - 12:51

sure - dates of posts are top of post to the right, mouse over open a pop up. take it to your search choice like 'google news' to dates in the pop up. foresight is >i | Scripture has it because?

secret agent - Mon 10 2021 - 23:11

the trick to all this is in the dates posted

Payden - Sat 06 2021 - 14:30

What is the Kingdom of God?

Anonymous - Mon 08 2020 - 19:26

Can you tell us more about what you see is the "Alternative" and this "Original" state?

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