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9 wrote: Where is God in all this? Do you see a second coming?

I have plenty to contribute to this subject but unfortunately at this time have not been "commissioned" to distribute it. The content is such that has the potential to alter how a person can experiences life, along with components that misguided personalities eagerly seek out to high jack for personal gain.
Under the proper commission it would be protected and guided as a means for the greater good. as much as I would love to indulge in the subject, I am asleep.

Turns out this is one of my most favorite of subjects, all my life long have I been involved with this, my mother being a passionate minister of Christianity, growing up in a christian home and going through christian school ext..my father on the other hand being equally passionate in respect to the mystical arts and primarily walking the path through Eckankar.
I always took spirituality very serious and have had my share of visions and conversations. I actually feel that my entire lifes ministry has been one long battle with forces to keep me asleep and silent. Like who else isnt going through that right? this is why , I cant just out right speak whats on my mind in regards to the subject.
If someone were to ask, I have to go through a complete validation process to seek out permission to contribute. not everyone who asks to be healed by God is getting healed right? there is that. and that is what Im talking about. "Ask and it shall be given".."seek and ye shall find".. there is the asker and the seeker. and yet who knows the hour ? and how many have already asked? so asking has a timed answer ..so I cant answer that specifically.

I can for the sake of reason share some things that without revealing exacts. I can take pictures of the baked cake and not share the recipe yes?
the event is real, it is best read in the book of Enoch's first to what is promised.
I want to say, but this is very "exact" ..not realy something i should say..but , one word ? can i hint just the word? ok ..no. not that word. hmm
****blank screen****
dude ..sorry this is soo exciting and yet so disappointing..
no i dont have times, I have a perspective of having already lived it, its from the reference point of like when one is already grown up and this happened to a grandfathers time. like it was grandfathered in. and the info is like duhh..like "what you dont know?" and i laugh and look away like i asked a outplayed question..
I am excited to say it for someone like you but ...its like a parent telling me not to look and point at stranger type of reaction. like "shhhh go back to sleep"
lol sorry..its messed up .i know..im messed up. and for all this im feeling embarrassed and you just want to kick me..lmao.
If i can get away with being secret about all this..im tryen..and its already feeling like im in trouble for insinuating this..hey you asked..you made me do it..
going to go eat cause i need to find another space to work before i get us both erased.

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