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Beat100 Stats - 12.15.14 - Eli's Moon - #1 Weekly World Chart WINNER!

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Twolands  Stee EntertainerJeremiah Jones Niki Tyler Bastian Lee Jones Silent Stranger DJ Mario Afonso Giulia M Crazy Jack SpiritConfuser Official BGC  Gretchen Tragedy Insatiable Gravy


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Latest Release

 11.25.2014 - "Surrender (Give it Up)" On Sale Everywhere

Today is the release date for Silent Company's latest, "Surrender (Give it Up)". 

Buy now: Here

Check out the video here:


Next Release

Song release delayed - Singers caught colds 3 Days



Previous Releases

Other releases by Silent Company. Be sure to leave a comment, and visit us on our social media outlets. As always, we appreciate the support!


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